Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Big up to The Fung Bros. ..........

These gentlemen took a tour of Nigeria in  America (yup!)  and ate some #poundedyam amongst other things (😅 just trying to keep #theyamstoryuk link going ..😉)

I decided to share this because it was a really good video exploring the diversity of some #nigeriandishes from the view of a non indigene.

In this video, the brothers described 'pounded yam as really dense mashed potatoes' which is a reasonable description actually.
These boys were really brave.... see for yourself 😅

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Monday, 19 June 2017

#Theyamstoryuk - putting it 'Sympli' with Egusi soup. 😋

Hello friends 😊.

To encourage you to try our precious 'yam' in its pounded form, here is a complete video recipe.

'Sympli frozen yam cubes' stocked at Asda,  Tesco, Morissons and Ades Cash and Carry in London SE28 and SE7.

Check their website, for more locations.

Enjoy your meal, let us know how it goes. Leave us comments on  this page or the face book page. Share your experience. Let others know how you found it.

Fally Jay for The Food Hut

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Edirin at Deptford #afrocaribbeanpopupcatering

'Edinrin', the name of an industrious young man at work during the regular market days at Deptford High Street in London.
The pictures below speak for themselves.  😊

I say we need more of such, particularly in the city. Definitely worth duplicating in our various city hotspots.
It is a good way of bringing our 'good food' to those who never tasted such too.

Well done Edinrin. 😊 🎉💪🌟

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