Thursday, 14 December 2017

Yam, has a pride of place in the African Culture.
Apart from being a delicasy provided for guests during important occasions, it also has serious bargaining power.

In times past, especially in West Africa, and closing in on Southern Nigeria, a man's prowess was guaged by the amount of yams he could provide for his family to eat, then to sell, etc etc. Men who excelled in this feat were even given titles in the village comparable to MBEs here and such like, seriously...

My younger brother performed the feat of going for his prized  bride recently. It was no surprise that a good number of yam tubers were part of the dowry...

The entrance of the groom

Yams taking centre place in the dowry items

Oh yes! He got his prize, his precious wife. he is now a married man. Is he a titled man now? Well, his wife should be able to throw more light on that.

'I found her' 😍😍

So, when next you get to try some yam in The UK, know that you are eating precious food from a rich cultural background.

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