Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The Food Hut Pict -ionary, Letter 'I', I is for Iru and my 'Fragrant February

Hello folks!
How have you all been? Here in the UK, it has been somewhat warmer than usual and some are being lulled into believing that Spring is practically here.
Well, 'I' shall not be deceived at all. Jacket, cardigan, scarf ever in tow until I enter April firmly. 😆.
In fact, this month was tagged a #fragrantfebruary by The Royal Horticultural Society because even the flowers seemed to have gotten the #Spring memo and are giving us all they have fragrance-wise.

Talking about fragrances, I would like to pick up from where I left off with
 The Food Hut Pict-ionary. Our candidate for the letter 'I' is
also known as Dawadawa in Northern Nigeria/ Eware in Edo State of Nigeria/ Ogiri in Eastern Nigeria/Soumbala / Nere/ Fermented or Nonfermented Locust Beans/ Parkia Biglobosa.
The fragrance of Iru is distinct and can send all the other flower fragrances back to December for real.

In spite of this, the West African matriarch reserves Iru as her secret weapon to win her husband's favour. He is likely going to be too engrossed chewing on the Locust beans seeds in his soup to think deeply about any requests she makes at the time.

It has an effect comparable to adding anchovies to salads and such like. While the aroma is bizarre, the taste is one of a kind. Are you brave enough?

#Bringiton #byebyemsg #allnaturalgoodness

Thursday, 7 February 2019

The Food Hut News Reel 2 Medium

Here are a few places for you to enjoy 'Valentine' over an Afro-Caribbean meal.

Enjoy your meal. 💕

Come back with your picture reviews too!

Have fun,

Fally Jay