Thursday, 1 November 2018

Fally's Food Hut Pict-ionary, Letter J; J is for Jollof!

Jollof Rice Medley

And the beat goes on....
My love for Jollof; never ending.

Jollof for breakfast, stir fried with egg, 
maybe even frankfurters too
Jollof pan fried with salt fish, baobab seed 
and crayfish to taste
a nice way to eat 
my leftover rice

Jollof rice with moin moin, 
boiled egg and chicken.

Jollof rice with stewed fish, turkey or beef,
topped with some salad and a cold soft drink

The music is playing and all heads are swaying
Hey! there was gizdodo too?!
Let me go get some to finish my rice

Nice Party, Auntie, Many Happy Returns!
This Jollof is so yummy, now I am going to dance it off.
Thanks for the invite and for the great food.

Any takeaway?

See Jollof inspired creativity 😂😆

With love from Ghana, 
Sierra Leone, 
Cameroon and more
Join us soon,at an African party near you.

Fally Jay, for The Food Hut.