Thursday, 24 August 2017

Plantain puff puff

Good day folks! Hope I meet you well.

There's so much to see, say and do in the afrocaribbean food world but I thought to bring you what seems to be trending in my world; 'plantain puff puff'.

My blogger friend Zita Bernice Tiena made hers, and my friend Ronke Edoho of made her version too.
I also learnt that the Congolese have a banana version called 'mikate'.

It is so easy and versatile to make, that out of no time I made mine. My friend Tinah made hers within an hour of sharing the post on Facebook-  see it here.

 You can make it spicy or sweet or eat it with a sweet 'spread' or a spicy dip.

For me, I used gluten free flour and powdered oats. Think of all the plantain that you can store in your freezer and put to good use when ready. 😁

Give either recipe a go, your children will definitely be happier for your experiments.
As for me, I have won over my tribe here 👍 😊.

Happy holidays 
or what is left of it.😎

Fally Jay.
Facebook @FJafrocaribbeanfoods

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Everyday gists .. Cassava leaf soup with Melrose

I go my sista house as na im husband birthday. Dem come give me rice with chicken, stew and cassava leaf soup.

I carry am go work for lunch yesterday. See me, I come dey follow the nooks and crannies of chicken bone when remain to find this soup lick and I dey office! 🙈😮! Yes o! It was that tasty.

Sister Melrose, my S'alone  (Sierra Leonean) sister, you no do me well so. You have to teach me this one yourself. I still love you though, no worry. Nice soup.😍👍.
(Here is Immaculate bites cassava-leaf-soup recipe meanwhile)

Have a great day.

Fally Jay.