Saturday, 11 August 2018

What do I sell?


'So why are you here then?', you may ask? I am here because I would like to make a living showing off
'What makes you African or Caribbean  (the latter by personal interest)'

'And that, in the way of your unique foods and the cultures behind them'

I also want
to direct people searching, people looking 
for a quick 'home food' fix or for longer term cooking, provision solutions
to your market doorstep.

In short,
 I am here for you
African and Caribbean Foodprenneurs! 

Scratch my back and I can help scratch yours.
Visit our various social media handles to see what we can offer you and I am sure, the more we are together, the merrier and happier we shall all be. 😁

DM us via Facebook or Instagram for coverage of your business or an advert slot in our website Let's see how we can be of help to each other. 

So take care 😀👍,  till the next blog.

Fally Jay

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Multicultural day: Good News Haven

RCCG Goodnews Haven is an average sized congregation with arms wide open to all and sundry.
It was their annual multi cultural day, and the several cultures of attending members were on display. The National Anthem featured with the Lady Pastor  (pictured with the parasol) representing where we now call home. 

Performances for the day can be seen here

There were Zimbabweans, Nigerians: Ibos, Yorubas, Northern Nigerians, Edo or Bini representations. It was a very colourful day.

Fally's Food Hut was there to capture the different types of food each culture had to display and  weren't disapointed. 

You can have a glimpse through my video compilations of the variety of foods available even from Nigeria alone. We have a rich culture indeed. 

Come explore with The Food Hut.Northern Nigeria foods

Edo state foods

 and much more.😁

So, see you around or when you call on us to cover your Afro Caribbean food event.

Fally Jay.