Friday, 2 December 2016

Manna Superstores Woolwich

This shop is one of my favourite haunts down SE18. Owned by a pleasant mannered Ghanaian couple, I often go there for select yam tubers and bottled 'shitto'.

Shitto is a deep fried hot sauce with lots of pepper, some fish or crayfish and other spices. It is a Ghanaian specialty. 'Spicy and nice 😅'

Fried or boiled yam with shitto, together are something else. You must try it sometime.

Perhaps you can go there

Manna Superstores -30 Thomas St, Thamesmead West, London SE18 6HT;

Or ask at your local African and Caribbean food store for their best shitto and get yourself some yam or plantain even and let me know how it goes.

They are good at stocking all things Ghanaian and more, so if you in an experimental mode, that's the place to go.

Yesterday, I came across these when I visited the store; small green garden eggs or pea aubergine and coco yam leaves. (unusual..😒)

Coco yam leaves are sometimes referred to as Taro or Kontomire by the Ghanaians and can be used for vegetable stew as described in yesterday's blog.

Seeing as these items were together in store, I figured there must be an indigenous recipe to be discovered ....I found two.😃. 

1. Coco yam leaves soup courtesy of Aftrad Village Kitchen

2. Coco yam leave soup with groundnut paste. 

Those greens have definitely sparked my interest, especially with all the rave about our health. I will be giving it a try. 
Otherwise simply add the Coco yam leaves to vegetable stew and chew on the garden egg raw, so much health benefits therein, and I am told they are on weekly supply to the shop.

Have a smashing weekend and leave comments or links to your own shopping haunts in your area or proven caterer per excellence in the box below. You can also contact us by email.

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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