Friday, 28 October 2016

presentation matters

What is it about the typical African or Caribbean party that gets you going?

 Is it the type of the food you get to eat & the nostalgia, for some, that accompanies the experience?
Is it the music? Family and friends attending?
Perhaps.... It is the awesome outfits which guests parade on the occasion?
Maybe the setting of the venue is something else.

Main thing is, as an organiser of such an event, you need to be the one to set 'the tempo' and you want to carry all your guests along.

With this in mind, you want to make sure you carry all your volunteers, suppliers or contractors along. That they fully understand what impression you want to leave with your guests and how or what they need to achieve this.

A good thing is a good thing, despite cultural and monetary challenges one might face in achieving the dream event, this essential communication between participating teams would go a long way.

The story has just do you want to present yourself or your culture at your event or even in your business?

Have you got the big picture yet? What is it worth to you? What are those 'flies' you want to avoid getting into your business/ groove?

Talk with you later..😊

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