Saturday, 7 October 2017

Culture Similarities 😊, let's vote or comment

Hi folks,

A bit of reminiscing for me today.

I spent a good part of my younger adult days schooling in Zaria, Northern Nigeria.

Even then, I was intrigued by the different types of lovely fresh grains to be found there. The fat tubers of #yam (😉) and fresh tomatoes etc amazed me as well how available they were, for a very reasonable price.

The average Northerner tends to live simply and without much fuss and so 'then' food was quite cheap too. Altogether, it was 'discovery channel' for me.

One of my 'discoveries' was Kunun gyada made from peanuts and rice,

especially as it reminded me of Rice pudding, which is an English favourite.

Then I recently heard of a Caribbean peanut porridge recipe. 😀

I say, the world definitely goes round in a circle as far as some traditions go.

Well, whichever you choose, they are nice warming meals, just right for breakfast or a cold night in. (Winter is coming too 😓...❄⛄)

Which would you choose, help me out by voting on twitter

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You can even tell us your own twist to any of these recipes too.

Have a lovely blessed weekend 🙏. Bless others, share to those in need and send or say a prayer for those you can't reach today.

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

All video credits to their original authors as I am simply sharing, thanks. 

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