Saturday, 11 August 2018

What do I sell?


'So why are you here then?', you may ask? I am here because I would like to make a living showing off
'What makes you African or Caribbean  (the latter by personal interest)'

'And that, in the way of your unique foods and the cultures behind them'

I also want
to direct people searching, people looking 
for a quick 'home food' fix or for longer term cooking, provision solutions
to your market doorstep.

In short,
 I am here for you
African and Caribbean Foodprenneurs! 

Scratch my back and I can help scratch yours.
Visit our various social media handles to see what we can offer you and I am sure, the more we are together, the merrier and happier we shall all be. 😁

DM us via Facebook or Instagram for coverage of your business or an advert slot in our website Let's see how we can be of help to each other. 

So take care 😀👍,  till the next blog.

Fally Jay

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