Saturday, 7 April 2018

(Foodies) Mothers Arise! Your kitchen can make a difference

So many stories have been told, where families have gathered in kitchens.
Kitchens modern, kitchens suburban.
Kitchens with chairs and kitchens without.
Kitchens, where love has been dished into plates for the one who sits at the table.
For some, it might even have been during a visit to a friend's house after school.
Some may have enjoyed a silly fight over a piece of fish, shared in a common bowl of food.
For some, it might have been during a sumptuous feast.

(Foodies) Mothers Arise, let us show love to our young ones
Let's teach and show them 'that there is a better way still', all is not resolved by a stab in the chest or wherever. It only goes deeper into the can or trough of worms and takes the perpetrators along.

Don't despair, do the best you can but be there.
Be there to encourage
To show the right way and help pick up the pieces, when they are truly ready.

Start early, instilling those values. Don't leave them lonely, in your quest for the limelight.

The kitchen, is always a good place to start.

Let's start making plans.
I pray to God as I go along; for the best of plans can still fail.
 Would I give up? No, rather wake up hopeful for 'each day' brings a new beginning.

Be a mentor to one young person today so that we can begin to #bethechange in this nasty trend.
Dish up a plate filled with love and hope that he or she will remember in the future.
It may be the deterrent that comes at just the right time. 🙏.

What are YOU going to do?

Fally Jay.

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