Sunday, 1 April 2018

The way my mother used to cook it.......

Heard that phrase before?..
Under what circumstances I wonder. 😐.

Sometimes, it is the person who believes that his or her mother's ladle is as revered as a judge's gavel and they CAN NOT, ever ever accept anything different as good to eat.
We also know that some folks use that as a cop out to dodge anything new or some generally bad cooking too. 😄

Nonetheless, whilst some people's Mums are indeed legends at cooking, with such skills as need to be retained or passed on, we are coming to a time when new and improved styles of cooking helps to bring more folks round our dinner tables.
As people say for wedding preparations 'Something old and something new'; all in good stead.

If you stick your mum's recipe alone, you may have to stop eating it altogether due to lack of ingredients - you can find alternatives in your environment
Your family, may be the only one cooking and eating such meals as no one else appreciates it or the effort you have made -  you could adapt your meals sometimes to a semblance of what your 'seeker' friends are familiar with.
You could also be missing out on more interesting ways of having your wholesome staples. Such creativity comes in handy, especially when your children or wards grow up in a culture different from that of your ethnic background.

Such fusion or adapted meals could also work out cheaper as you use more available ingredients instead.

That is how fads are started or created. You never know, before long, someone could be 'swearing' by your own new recipe too. 😊

Check out this lady Fafa Gilbert; versatility must be her middle name. It may just surprise you what she has done with your mother's recipe. 😂

Here, she works a fusion of the popular Nigerian Ayamase and Ghanian Tomato stew. 

What's not to love, you tell me.

Happy Easter! Later...

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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