Thursday, 12 January 2017

Making Fried Rice with DeJuTT.....

Yes o......another day with Jumoke, CEO of DeJuTT catering services. ☺
I happen to live near enough to her and she kindly called me to watch her making Fried Rice!

For the non Africans or at least non Nigerians, after 'Jollof Rice, the Great' comes 'Fried Rice'. Those two on their own, with meat and drink, can settle a party for us.

 Young ones; you may also learn a thing or two and release your mum from doing this for you and your friends when you have those 'short notice' gatherings. So come along on this discovery journey with us.

I must say before we proceed that this set up was for party catering without strict measuring as my friend is well used to her routine. I just photographed and videoed the process. Next time I would probably do a live Facebook video or at least a full on video, that would be so much easier to pass on.
Anyway, let's make the most of it.


1. Basmati Rice 5kg, pre washed before cooking
2. 2 large white onions chopped
3. Sunflower oil, some chicken broth with as little water as possible,
4. 2 large Scotch Bonnet peppers
5. Salt to taste
6. Hot Curry powder, knorr chicken powder, dried thyme.
7. Frozen Mixed vegetables
8. Frozen cooked and peeled prawns.

Method of preparation:

From the top left corner, 
1. After heating up the oil and chicken broth, the onions and scotch bonnet peppers are added in to fry lightly.
2. The washed rice is added in to the pot.
3. Next, seasonings.
4. The rice and seasonings are then fully stirred together in the heating oil with a large wooden ladle and left to simmer at low heat with the cover on for about twenty minutes. The rice would then have softened to a reasonable extent.
5. Add in the mixed vegetables and prawns, again stirring in fully. Leave at low heat and cover till vegetables and rice are cooked.

6. Be careful not to let it burn, adding hot water in small amounts only if necessary to keep the rice steaming till cooked.

7. The finished product; tasty and nice ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. It will not go 'off' quickly because it was literally fried till cooked and not par boiled.

Thank you

From Fally Jay for The Food Hut. 


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