Monday, 20 February 2017

Fancy some fish? Let's journey to East Africa with Kadi.

For some of us, it's another discovery day!

I am used to Fresh Fish pepper soup Nigerian style and particularly love to get all and any fleshy bits out of 'the head' 😁.

Don't worry, Kadi has spared you any such grossness and not used the head in her recipe. 
I can tell how ever it is 'spicy hot🌶🌶!!' 

If you can manage it, it should make an interesting variant on your party table. 
(It contains nuts. ⚠)

Let's join Kadi in the kitchen as she makes Fish Ball pepper soup. 

♡Did you notice the passing on of a heritage taking place in that kitchen? 
Let's all do our bit anyway we can. Don't let children become a microwave generation. 

Become more of an 'Ethnic foodie', cook and eat indigenous and less of processed foods.


Fally Jay for The Food Hut. 

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