Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A contemporary 'vegetable stew' (efo), made with leafy greens

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Today I would like to introduce a vegetable stew recipe from which can be tweaked to match whatever country you come from. 

Essentially, it is a 'stir fry' of leafy greens, eg Spinach, Kale or callaloo in heated palm oil with cooked tender pieces of meat or fish.

The choice of spices used in cooking as well as type of meat/fish, largely influences the taste of the vegetable (efo) stew. (Some variations are included at the bottom of the linked page)

The final blend of greens, meat/fish and palm oil makes a suitable escort for boiled potatoes, boiled yam, rice, pasta, plantain or can be consumed with a supple mould of cornmeal flour, oat flour or yam flour etc. 
It is best eaten freshly made but can be stored in the freezer and warmed in small portions when needed.

For possible UK suppliers of African and Caribbean spices check: or

Meanwhile, check out this 'presentation' making the rounds;
                              of 'vegetable stew' with a Garri mould, also known as Eba.
                                                        What a show! 😀

Enjoy your meal & hope to hear from you soon.

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