Saturday, 19 November 2016

Weekend lunch Nigerian Style; Oha soup.

Good morning all!

How was your week?
Restful weekend? I know, 'I wish'......, I can hear some of you saying with a sigh.
Cooking up a storm or wondering what to do...?

If it is the latter, let me take you on a journey.

Today we meet Sisi Jemimah another blogger.
She is going to be showing us how to prepare 'oha or oha-soup'.

 This can be eaten with carbs based meals such as Fufu, ground rice, cornmeal, wheatflour or even oat flour made into a smooth mouldable or supple consistency and dipped into the soup before swallowing.

For some of us, this would be a nostalgia trip; but then why reminisce, take a bold step and recreate this yourself.

For ingredients,
in London, Ades Foods Stores ( are ever resourceful and you can follow this link for other stores which may stock them (

 If you are thinking that's too much hassle right now and you are in South East London,
(apologies to those who aren't) let me hook you up with a caterer's invitation to supply you with the real deal.

Check her out on Facebook -Chimamandanata Kitchen @CLFK.delicacies.

Fallys Food Hut is here to help and share whatever good tips and information are out there in the UK for the production of our indigenous Afro Caribbean meals.

As usual, leave a comment or suggestion below. Introduce us to your 'go-to' caterers or shops and we can share. Together, we can promote those good things about our food.
Alternatively, you can leave me a message at

I look forward to hearing more from folks from other parts of eastern, western or northern Africa or the Caribbean.

Let's spice up these pages πŸ˜„even more

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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