Monday, 21 November 2016

Cornmeal porridge as an alternative breakfast

I know, it's way past breakfast time but it's been on my mind....

These days, when you need to borrow a brain to scan the 'traffic light' charts on your processed cereal boxes, I tried to recollect some common grain flours we could use in our cupboards for breakfast and corn came to mind.

 There are several variants of corn based breakfasts or meals from country to country.  (What's yours?.where do you come from? What's different in your native recipe?.., tell us in the comment box below)

This recipe by our popular Chef Ricardo on youtube, comes from Jamaica. He shows how we can make corn gruel into a tasty warm meal well suited for our early starts during the winter or for an inexpensive light dinner before you cosy up in your duvet for the night.

You can sweeten or spice up according to your taste as you get the hang of it. Watch out to make just what you can finish.

This should definitely leave you with some change in your pocket. Don't forget to use up your coconut milk on time as it might not keep for too long in the fridge.

So where do you shop, let us know and we'll share with those who don't know.
Most of today's ingredients can be found in the 'foreign countries food aisle' in your local supermarket.

Enjoy your porridge, stay warm.

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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