Friday, 18 November 2016

breakfast tips shared

My lady, Ronke Edoho of, has a lot to say about  breakfast tips and weight loss, Nigerian style. My gym instructor also tells me breakfast is an important part of a healthy diet.

Follow the link and see what you can pick and apply to your personal lifestyle.

I am keen to hear from others who have similar tips for other countries on the continent or in the Caribbean. I too, would like to try them.

Leave me a link to follow in the comment box below or email me at

PS Quick one.....where do you do your Afro Caribbean food shopping?
 How about doing this, let's get Google wondering what's happening...

When out shopping, bring out your phone and take a quick snapshot of your suppliers shop and post to Googlemaps with the hash tag


You can then add any brief comments for example, what you normally buy there or why you chose that shop that day.

You could be helping somebody else with their shopping ideas. Tx!


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