Thursday, 17 November 2016

Introducing Fally's Food Hut

So we are here again.....what are we about?...

I don't know if I have said it before; 'Afro Caribbean foods are the real deal ...'

When I was younger and I returned home to Africa, I used to continually refer to the beauty of foodstuffs, prepared and natural, abroad.

Now that we are older, we realise that there is a whole lot of natural goodness in our meals and foods. We often look back in nostalgia to what we once frowned upon.

Yes, you may say I am biased being of African descent and rightly so. Everyone takes pride in their native or authentic dishes and should do so as this is what makes us 'different' from one another.

My 'bif' 😤 now is that just as the 'curry', 'spaghetti bolognese', 'chow mein', 'humus' 'tacos' and such like have become common features on the menu here in the UK, our lovely African and Caribbean dishes need to be stepped up some more.

Funny, you can now find the odd wrinkled plantain, okro, some gari, palm oil(!) - yes palm oil, etc in the supermarket aisle but, does the non indigene know what to do with it or is he/she even 'bovered'? �

No one can tell them better than us. The scores of Kitchen/ restaurant proud Afro Caribbean into catering, food exhibitions during our social or corporate events have a 'story' to tell.

My aim is to be the put those 'stories' out there. To get our friends outside of the continent drawn to the tastes we have grown to love and celebrate, with us..

Watch this space... We are Fally's Food Hut. Join us, make your presence known. Share your social media platform link with us.

Perhaps you have a unique story to tell about a local pride, new ideas for meal preparations or presentations worth making a noise about. That's what we are here for. Short video clips, YouTube links, Web pages, the lot. It could be you, your services, your food creating the rave on the net on the streets.

Look forward to hearing from you here at Fally's Food Hut. Contact email address is

Talk with you soon..😉

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