Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A festive drink from The Caribbean.....going round the world!

Sorrel Drink..
Imma, blogging at Immaculate bites, shares her take on one of my favourite naturally made drinks. I love the aromatic sensation from the cloves and ginger combined with the tangy taste of sorrel. I particularly like to have mine warm as it chases away the winter blues. 😊👍

Join Imma here as she also gives a bit of gist about 'the travels of sorrel' and shares her recipe. 

I have included a you tube video to give the traditional Caribbean option too. 

It's funny how we find ourselves sharing similar tastes even when we may need a visa to even visit each other's countries.

Don't forget we are building a platform here, where we get to know what's being served up in the pots of other nationals in Africa and the Caribbean and show off ours too to potential new customers.

Take up your opportunity to be in the spotlight by leaving your business link in the comment box below, emailing us directly at or inboxing us on instagram 'fallys_food_hut'.

Later....keep busy in your kitchens.🍴

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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