Saturday, 24 December 2016

This is deep! It will change your cooking forever.... If you are not Caribbean 😁

Not to worry, we shall definitely be going round to other traditions as we discover them or "you" share with us. You can leave a link in my comment box here, on Facebook, on Twitter or wherever you come across it. Also via email to

Back to business:
Caribbean green seasoning recipes:

I am going to give you two because there are many variants and as with every thing modern, things change as you go along and you can modify to your taste with ingredients you are more familiar with. 

#1. From our friend Chris again at an older website

#2. From Cheryl at on YouTube and on Instagram

Why two? From the differences, you can see where you want to fall in or what you would change.
Chris used lots of 'sweet pepper' types. You can use those which you are familiar with and like.
 Cheryl added Scotch Bonnet and removed the seeds, you may want to keep the seeds in.

Main things we find added are the fresh greens; parsley, thyme, chives, scallions or onions and garlic. 

Finally, you may be like me, going down discovery lane as I learn about a new but prominently featured herb, "Chadon Beni" in true Caribbean style green seasoning. However, if you don't find it, you could use Coriander instead. 

Here's a video from Chris about this legendary herb.

All done now. 

Enjoy your experiments, share with friends, (after tasting and you give yourself a 👍😂) Don't let our foods 'leave a bad taste' in anyone's mouth. Lol!

Look forward to hearing from you all about your different traditions so we can bring them to light here; and about your Afro Caribbean shops too.

So enjoy your holidays and we'll be back later.

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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