Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fish fish fish.....�🐟

Hello friends,
 How's the experimenting getting on? Don't forget to invite a friend for lunch and they could perhaps rate your cooking; from cardboard -------> lip smacking good and in between 😅.
Do let us know how it goes.

If you simply can't cook, I just hope you placed your orders with caterers in time otherwise hold a New Year Dinner instead.

Today, I'm sharing a Nigerian Fish Recipe from sisijemimah.com

and a Caribbean Prawn Recipe from caribbeanpot.com. (😐 found some use for pumpkin which I have not cooked before now.)

These meals are a posted, with regards, to my 'pescatarian' friend and to those of us who 'just want to have something different'. 
Invite a friend, the season is for sharing kicked off by the best sharer. Do your very best and be a good Afro Caribbean food representative.

Caterers, indigenous grocery sellers get in touch. It's your page.👍

With compliments, from Fally's Food Hut. 

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