Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A 'new creation' by 9jafoodie

There should be a law, I think , against people who do their utmost to wrap us round their little fingers with their tantalising kitchen productions......😁.
Anyway, that's what makes good business and ...There is 'self control ' too. So we shall struggle to share this one and constructively decide when we will cook ours later. 😑

9jafoodie rice
Is what she has named this one but the concept is very simple and as I often interject, can be modified to your taste or preference.

The author says,

Follow the link and see for yourself. Does her technique remind you of what we have shared here before?  Let's chat. 
What if you did that with a cooked deboned fish and crayfish mix instead and served it with '👌' for lack of a better word. (Attitude?...). Lord, have mercy.
Again, no messing with plum tomatoes and all...

She talks of serving the rice with jollof chicken 

So apologies in advance if it seems like I am collaborating with Ronke Edoho of 9jafoodie to cause excessive salivation this morning, but good things need to be shared. 

So what innovative storm have you created in your kitchen or what is your unique presentation style that you feel should make people order from you?

This is your stage, make yourself known. 
Send us an email or even a short video to and we will help you cast your net further for clients.

Till next time...

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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