Friday, 30 December 2016

Food Gallery.......😎

Introducing 'Yamarita' and prawn/ fish pepper sauce;

 Essentially this is fried battered yam along with prawns in a special hot sauce.
πŸ‘ Tasty party small chops; supplied by DeJuTT catering - 07939 141850
Another innovative Nigerian creation.

Next is the stand alone 'Okro soup' fondly referred to as 'Asepo' by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria.

Cooked with a wide range of Seafoods, smoked turkey and assorted meats and eaten with a supple mould made with dried yam flour (Amala).
This was a friend's 'snuggle slipper' menu for the Christmas. That soup was 'rich....πŸ˜ƒ, the kind you linger over because there's so much to pick out of the Soup.

So folks, don't stay quiet or shy. Send us what you've got and we'll do our best to share.

Looking forward to celebrating your business or your skills in 2017...

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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