Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Unboxing...❌ Unbagging...✔ "Simpli Quick Frozen African Yam Cubes"

I was out shopping yesterday at Ades Cash and Carry in Charlton when I came across these packaged frozen yam cubes and thought to try them out.
It is packaged in Nigeria, 500g of frozen yam cubes per pack. 

In a previous blog, I mentioned that some people do freeze store their peeled and cut yam as it doesn't keep for long in the pantry or kitchen storage. Simpli Foods have gone one step further and done all peeling and cutting, of hopefully select yam pieces, for us.

When opened, this is what a whole packet looks like and the advice given is to cook from frozen

I put about half a packet in a pot and covered the yam cubes with boiling water. You can add salt to taste.  I boiled at moderate heat for about 15 minutes. The idea generally, is to boil till soft, test poke with a knife or fork. 

I served up half of the yam cooked with fried eggs containing onions, sweet peppers, black pepper, sea salt and mushroom and some of my precooked Nigerian stew.

It was well tasty and proved to be good quality yam. Each bag cost £2.99, not bad value for money. Essentially, one would be paying for convenience, seeing as one wouldn't have to hunt for good yams in the shops, no problem with storage as it would go straight into the freezer. It would be particularly good for young students or adults living alone. A packet could provide 2-3 servings.

So for now, I am aware that it is available in my local Ades Cash and Carry but you can check in your local African and Caribbean food shop for it's availability. The  Simpli Foods website also has a search engine to show where their suppliers are located worldwide.

Leave any comments in the box below or let us know if your local cash and carry or supermarket even, has these products in store and we will share with others. 
Also tell us if you are caterer who cares for some publicity or you have some cooking skills to display. You can email us directly.

Thanks for joining us today till next time. 

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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