Thursday, 8 December 2016

A YAM collaboration for the Newbies πŸ˜™

Yam in African and Caribbean countries often serves as a filling breakfast or can be a light lunch. However, because of the cost of importing it into the UK and the time it takes travelling, finding good yam can be challenging. Nonetheless, it has its benefits.

Good yam, should feel largely firm all over without any squishy bits. Scabs can be cut off where initially the yam may have started deteriorating but dried up afterwards.
Yam doesn't store for too long and some people peel it, clean it and cut it into reusable sizes before storing it in the freezer. (For shorter cooking times, cut the yam into smaller pieces, though not too small or else it will turn into mush when cooking)

If you do store your yam in the freezer, you would have to wait for it to fully thaw before cooking. All peeled yam, needs to be immersed in a bowl of water before cooking if you want to avoid discolouration due to exposure to air..

The 'collaboration' is that

- I have a video from Chris (foodfaq) originally from the Caribbean showing how yam is prepared and boiled. (He has decorated his with beef stew but doesn't actually cook it in this video)

-And I have a young man on the NigerianFoodChannel stir up some egg stew mix that would make you want to eat up at least 2 to 3 pieces of yam. Do remember you can always spice it to your taste.

So for a wholesome tasty breakfast, go get yourself some yam and try this. 
Invite your friends unfamiliar with yam, to give it a go by sharing this blog with them.

For good measure, I have added a link to some BBC yam recipes too. Click here

Share your experiments with your friends. Maybe they'll going looking for some YAM themselves😊.

Do leave your comments or links for recipes, caterers or shops you would like to share with us, in the comment box below. You can also email us directly.

Bon Appetit!

Fally Jay for The Food Hut.

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